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Thursday, 9 April 2015.

Modern society clearly shows the social networks in people’s lives in virtually every aspect, including enterprises and organizations that want to stay in touch with clients in real time. Through social networks, organizations can take advantage of various opportunities through digital platforms. Among the fields that have revolutioned how individuals negotiate higher prices and shops is a smartphone technology

The dynamic shift has also been caused by a social network that brings together different groups of people, allowing them to participate in the activities of Internet markets. Through direct attachment to an application, financial institutions can provide a variety of services to clients. The Real-time Connection application refers to a software application. This application includes social Web sites in one application, allowing users financial and social management capabilities

With Real Time Connection, people can connect to other platforms for social networks through one dedicated interface. This interface is useful for content that allows users to buy and make payments for the goods they purchase through this application. In addition, customers are notified of new promotions and proposals that are properly categorized based on the needs of individual users. The Connection Real Time Connection application also shows the connections that are frequently active on the site for the purpose of purchasing products. Furthermore, this application creates customer profiles on the network, which extends the provision of personalized content based on the user’s preferences and profile information

The Internet infrastructure through GPS technology was made possible by its ability to provide information to consumers on the basis of their location, while updating information on new products. The modern configuration of e-commerce has made the social network an unshakable platform. The companies use social media tools to promote brands, as well as to increase their income. They also use this platform to avoid unethical practices that prevent their brands from entering the market. In two words, the Real Time Connection uses various aspects of the social network in the business, increasing sales, as well as the brand image. All these aspects are vital to business

People in different societies and regions of the world are connected in the modern world economy by means of communication. Different channels of communication are still used, which are characteristics of the early warning. There has also been a shift from old age links to modern channels based on advanced technologies. The communication used to be an asset used by individuals in their daily life. The trade operations of various organizations were based on communication as a means of communication of supply and coverage of clients

Today, communication continues to play these vital roles in the use of different channels. Using different channels

Thus, businesses can create new, as well as relationships with, sellers based on social demographics. This allows enterprises to provide specialized products for certain networks while increasing the interaction between the system and people (Epstein & Manzoni 210). Enterprises can thus be properly integrated into social networks while ensuring that people’s lives are met, especially because of the introduction of technologies used by smartphones. The interaction between the seller and the buyer improved the reputation of online brands in the social sphere. In line with recent trends, this aspect has been integrated into corporate business slowly in its operations, as social platforms have the potential to accelerate business

It should be noted that social networks are becoming unchanging in the corporate world. Companies can use their capabilities to implement intelligent applications that are specifically tailored to their industry. This allowed them to use the traffic of social networks, especially traffic, which includes younger generations. In this way, companies can get the products that are tailored for these groups, at the same time they can track the purchases of behavior to improve the personalization of the product

Social networking sites, including Google +, Weibo, Facebook and Twitter have recently become very popular. Google has launched a more interactive feature based on video that enriches the content by developing a specific product. This facilitated the use of the potential of various market segments (Korhan 13). Marketing managers can get a video content to attract more customers. Thus, the growth of social networks is continuing, as smart phone technology has introduced mobile computing that can be used when moving. Now users can download social media applications from various online stores so that they can visit various business models in the field

This trend is now enhanced by the integration of social media in various online trading networks, where social networks are used by businesses as a means of deepening and expanding their market, as well as links with potential customers in the analysis of the product, as they can identify aspects of the product, such as those that they did not like (Lovett 322). However, some questions were raised as to how corporate entities could use social media to carry out their financial transactions through social networks

The use of smartphones is increasing, and this makes various social network applications capable of supporting the normal processes of the various enterprises that need to be developed. However, it is important to have an application that can consolidate most of the functions of social networks in one gadget to enhance the flow of information between enterprises. The mobile mobile device can support this in connection with modern Internet technologies. The “Really Connected World” application uses a GPS navigation system based on the radio waves that find the coordinates of the selected points

Once the request for access to a particular site is started, the application will continue the authentication process in which the requested password and user name are requested. The application then uses a mechanism that is encrypted to encrypt the user’s name, as well as a password from malicious attempts that can be presented because of a cookie that helps in profiling. The various selected stores will then be located in the application, and the user will eventually be notified of the available transactions in real time

You can configure the application user interface. It contains selected topics and catalog sections, as well as a navigation bar that allows users to filter them based on the selected options. Users can also order coupons that online shops offer immediately. A custom application enables customers to directly access business transactions. After you find a good deal, the customer is given access to the online-gas that this deal offers.  The application requests an online transaction from the sales point because it is connected to payment channels

The customer receives the invoice automatically and it is sent to the page where it can download the product. In addition to facilitating billing, the application will improve the sharing and printing of coupons from smartphones over the Internet. Printed coupons can be obtained from local shops. Users can dig up their beams for each item they purchase using the application. In addition, users have updated their activity status based on their purchases. This is an improvement in the bar code for syndicated items

There are rare Smartphone applications that perform a similar function because it is a complex function that comes with various application platforms, including Android and Windows-managed gadgets. This makes the Real Connected World application developed so that it can handle the 3 platforms that are currently in use

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Epstein, Marc J and J F. Manzoni.

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